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Meet Deric Rosenblatt.


Deric loves what he does. 

He has been teaching voice for over 20 years.  

His extensive roster of students includes professional singers in every genre of music from Broadway to pop to opera. He is proud to work with dozens of Broadway stars, major label recording artists, college conservatory students, and graduates from Harvard, Yale, Manhattan School of Music, and The Juilliard School. He teaches multiple Tony, Emmy, and Grammy Award winners, television personalities, and finalists from American Idol and the winner of NBC’s The Voice, Maelyn Jarmon.

Deric has been a Professor of Voice at New York's Hunter College and works with talented high school students from New York's Marymount School and La Guardia High School for the Performing Arts. He has a Bachelor of Music in Voice and a Master of Music in Opera from Rice University’s Shepherd School of Music. He is also a professional performer having sung throughout the United States and Europe.



I feel confident that we have added so many more years onto my singing career. His knowledge, passion, and desire to share make each lesson an exciting journey of discovery for me.
— Donna McKechnie, Tony Award Winner and Broadway Star


Deric's Teaching style

Deric has a very unique teaching style that sets him apart from other teachers in NYC.

He has the technical training of a skilled classical singer but has also studied theater and pop music extensively. Many teachers who teach classical singers do not understand the needs of a theater, pop, or gospel performer. They may have the technical knowledge but do not understand the style of music and the different use of the voice for those styles. On the other hand, many voice teachers that work with pop singers and Broadway performers do not have the technical background to show the singer how to sing in their own style in the healthiest way possible. Deric has found a niche by combining his technical knowledge of the voice with the stylistic needs of the theater and pop singer.

Deric and Misty Copeland prepare for her Broadway debut in "On The Town."

Deric and Misty Copeland prepare for her Broadway debut in "On The Town."

Lessons are taught in a very safe, healthy and non-intimidating environment that encourages the empowerment of the student and not the glorification of the teacher. There is no interest in making everyone sound the same. Everyone learns differently and although the technique that is used is the same for all students, the way the information is expressed is different for everyone. 

Vocal health is always of primary concern as one learns to sing at their highest possible level. Deric has worked with many doctors who specialize in singers and works with these medical professionals when students get sick. Many students have specifically come to Deric to work out health problems that have developed from unhealthy singing and other abuses of the vocal apparatus. With the advise from an otolarygologist and healthy vocal work in lessons, Deric has successfully helped many singers recover from damaged vocal cords.

Deric also teams up with Otolaryngologist Linda Dahl and presents Vocal Health and Technique Seminars. The latest seminars were sponsored by Actors Equity Association (AEA), The Screen Actors Guild Foundation (SAG-AFTRA), and The Actor's Fund in New York and were open to all current members of the unions. These in-depth presentations have been live-streamed and had global participation. Actors Equity Association has also sponsored the seminar for specific Broadway Show Companies. These presentations are customized for the needs of the individual casts. Deric has lectured and been a key-note speaker on vocal health, and led in-depth discussions on mix/belt singing at Bucknell University in Pennsylvania.


Below is a lesson recorded live with Independent artist Morgan James