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Linda D. Dahl, MD

Dr. Dahl has an in-depth understanding of the demands professional voice artists place on their voices. She understands the common and not-so-common ailments associated with the voice. What vocal professionals may not realize, is that most vocal symptoms stem from sources other than the actual vocal cords. For example, the most common cause of voice loss or hoarseness is from post nasal drip, allergies, or inflammation. Voice loss is the outcome, not the source, so if these other symptoms are not addressed, you can end up with an endless cycle of problems. Dr. Dahl has treated tens of thousands of patients for over a decade for many different problems. She is also constantly researching new treatment protocols from other specialties and branches of medicine. If there is a treatment she doesn’t offer, she can give you advice on how it works and refer you to someone who is well qualified to deliver that care. 

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