More Testimonials

Vocal Power, LLC takes pride in what students have to say.  Below are more actors discussing Deric's technique and guidance as a voice teacher. 


Melissa Errico

Broadway: White Christmas, Dracula - The Musical, Amour, My Fair Lady

"Let's just say I'm not missing my Monday lesson! It's fun and he has me singing more consistently and trying all kinds of new music!"


Afra Hines

Broadway: Hamilton, Shuffle Along, In the Heights, Soul Doctor, Motown

"Deric was able to improve my technique and expand my range during our very first lesson, and over time he has continued to guide and encourage me into trusting myself as a singer. I'm so glad I found my way to him!"


Taylor Dawn Brauer

TV: NBC Rise

"Deric Rosenblatt has absolutely changed my life. Not only is he a fantastic voice teacher, he also knows how to make you aware of how powerful you are. I have never had someone believe in me the way Deric does. I owe much of the past two years of my growth to him, and I would not be where I am today without his guidance. Deric is a brilliant man, teacher, and friend, and I would recommend him to anyone."


Karmine Alers

A&M Recording Artist
Broadway: On Your Feet, Rent (Mimi)
TV: Regis and Kelly, The Today Show

"Deric's knowledge of the voice and extensive approach to vocal training helped me balance my range, power and diction. He personalized a system to suite my 8 show a week run with RENT. His professionalism and friendship will forever be appreciated. Thanks Deric!"

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Hanna Elless

Broadway: Bright Star, Godspell
National Tour: Mamma Mia!

"I like to tease that Deric is my best kept secret in the city, but let's be honest... he is far too excellent at what he does to be kept a secret! Deric is a mastermind, coaxing your voice into a stronger, more flexible instrument with techniques that create freedom and ease! If you take your vocal health seriously, you owe it to yourself to sing with Deric. He is simply, the best."

Renee Marino

Broadway: Jersey Boys, Wonderland 

TV: Jersey Boys (Directed by Clint Eastwood)

"I feel so blessed to be working with Deric, who is not just one of the most SPECIFIC, THOROUGH and PASSIONATE teachers I've ever worked with, but who is an overall BEAUTIFUL human being. He teaches how to use the voice in the most healthy and efficient way, and I always look forward to my lessons with him. I suggest him to anyone who is looking for an INCREDIBLE voice teacher here in NYC!"


Kelli Koiv

Major Label Recording Artist

"Deric is not only the best vocal coach I've ever had, he's also one of my favorite people in the world. Working with him is always fun and that makes getting better really easy. Every time he opens his mouth to demonstrate how something should be sang, I kinda feel like I should never sing again. That's how good he is:) Him being a performer himself makes him understand what his students go through on a day to day basis. Deric is also a great listener and sometimes I just talk for the whole hour while he's trying to get me to sing. Anyway, I love him dearly and can't really see myself working with anyone else after working with him."


Ayler Young

Independent Recording Artist

"When I asked my music producer who I should take a few vocal lessons from, he said without hesitation "you have to call Deric Rosenblatt". After a few short months of working with Deric, I understand why. Deric has a wonderful ability to pinpoint vocal issues, explain why they are less desireable and help you find ways to fix them. Deric has helped me immesily with my songwriting, live stage performances, and overall vocal confidence."


Leanne Smith

Theater: Legally Blonde, Ragtime, Rock of Ages

"My ENT sent me to Deric after I was having vocal issues from doing Rock Of Ages, I was skeptical because I hadn't had voice lessons in years, but knowing that, he eased me into lessons and made sure I felt 100% comfortable at all times. He changed the placement of my voice so I was singing safely, and on contracts will skype me whenever I'm struggling with a part of a song and make sure I find out how to attack it comfortably and powerfully. He has changed my voice and my confidence completely. He is one of a kind."


Chris Marchant

Violinist in Well-Strung String Quartet
Broadway: Sweeney Todd (Toby)

"Working with Deric over the past two years has been a highly positive experience; it's clear that he loves teaching. He is committed to making me a better performer and is always willing to go the extra mile to help me. He knows what he is talking about, makes sure that I understand his objective for me, and works diligently with me until I complete that objective. I'm a better vocalist because of him."


Angela Robinson

TV: One Life to Live, The Haves and the Have Nots

"I was doing an industrial show and there was a rock singer in the show. I watched him pace himself in rehearsals and give brilliant performances every show. He never complained about vocal fatigue. I had the pleasure of sitting next to this singer on the flight home. I asked him, how he was able to sing so hard and maintain a healthy voice. He said, DERIC ROSENBLATT, a voice teacher in New York. I met with Deric and he changed my life. Deric is a technician and he helped me to sing all kinds of music in a healthy way. Deric has a relationship with many of the ENTs in NY. He consults with your doctor to be sure you are singing correctly and your cords are healthy. We went back to basics and beyond. I have not been the same since my intense time with Deric. He also plays piano extremely well. You can't go wrong with Deric accompanying you. In addition to all of this, he's great fun. An hour with Deric is fun and hard work. There is a feeling that you can sing anything when the hour is done. I'm a better singer having met and worked with Deric Rosenblatt."


Sarah Tolar

Recording Artist

"I began studying with Deric in preparation for recording my second record and embarking on my first European tour. In the eight months leading up to the tour, Deric helped me to transform my voice to sing with a strong, resonant, and warm tone. For the first time, I was able to control a high belt and access a variety of tones and colors in my range. I am now on tour with a concert every night for 14 consecutive evenings in different cities. I could never have had the stamina and skill to perform my music this well every night if it weren't for Deric. He is an amazing teacher. Thank you Deric for changing my life!"


Ariana Fay

Independent Recording Artist

"My voice has completely transformed into the powerful instrument that it is and my whole outlook on my voice, music, and life has changed for the better because of Deric. Before I started working with Deric, I was using only 50% of my vocal capacity and was lacking confidence in my voice and in my performance. I was having particular trouble with vocal fatigue and because of that, I was having problems with pitch and delivery, which was driving me crazy. Through Deric’s brilliant technique as well as his compassion, warmth, and personable attitude, I completely recovered from my vocal fatigue and have never felt that way since working with him. Deric is the best vocal teacher I’ve ever had! One of the things I particularly love about Deric is his lighthearted and compassionate approach when it comes to helping with my vocal technique and giving my best performance. Even though he pushes me to be my best, it’s always fun and never stressful. He’s completely on my team in every way and believes in me 100% even when I don’t believe in myself. I’m singing with more power than ever before without any strain on my voice or throat whatsoever. I’m a more confident performer since I’m confident and comfortable with myself and my voice. Deric has helped to peel away layers of myself, both emotionally and technically, that were holding me back from giving my best performance and being my best self. Through working with Deric, not only has my voice changed, but also my whole outlook on music and my relationship with myself has transformed in an incredibly positive way."


Crystal Hall

Recording Artist
Broadway: Rent, 

"Deric's methods saved my voice, my job and my life. I had just landed on Broadway in a very vocally taxing show, RENT, and I just couldn't get control of my instrument. Deric Taught me how to sing without getting tired, how to support with breath and use my voice properly. I credit him with giving me the technique that sustains me in all my work through tough love and immense expertise. As a singer himself, he really knows what singers go through and is unbelievably sensitive to the nees of the professional singer."