Voice Lessons NYC
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Alex Brightman

Broadway: School of Rock, Wicked, Big Fish, Matilda.
"I have always been hesitant to take lessons to improve my voice because I worried that formal training would change the way I sounded. I like the way I sound. With SCHOOL OF ROCK, I carry a score that is one of the biggest sings on Broadway right now and wear and tear is inevitable. Longevity became a concern. Enter Deric Rosenblatt, the sidekick I never knew I needed. With Deric and Vocal Power LLC, I am not starting from scratch, but rather utilizing the tools I have already acquired over the years. Deric is just teaching me how to sharpen those tools. These are not so much voice lessons as they are intriguing, thought-provoking, and breakthrough sessions that garner much more than just a better and healthier voice and way of singing. This is a way of life for me now. I breathe differently. I think differently. But I don't sing differently. I just sing better. I still like the way I sound. But now I will be able to like it for a hell of a lot longer."

Donna McKechnie

Chorus Line, Tony Award for Best Actress in a Musical.
Broadway: Promises, Promises; Company; State Fair; many others!
Television: Hullabaloo, Dark Shadows, Scarecrow and Mrs. King, Cheers, Fame.
"After working with Deric for only a short time, I feel confident that we have added so many more years onto my singing career, His knowledge, passion, and desire to share make each lesson an exciting journey of discovery for me"

Eden Espinosa

Wicked, Broadway (Elphaba)
Rent, Broadway (Maureen)
Brooklyn, Broadway (Brooklyn)
"Seriously. Deric Rosenblatt is one of the most caring, supportive, gracious, asskicking, trustworthy voice teachers EVER."

Diane Schuur

Jazz Legend and two time Grammy Award Winner (plus three nominations)
"Deric Rosenblatt, whom I affectionately call DR is a brilliant vocal coach and one of my dearest friends. Growing older brings changes to the vocal cords, especially mine because I have a reflux condition. Through vocal exercise and encouragement my voice can emerge strong yet sensitive. For bringing out the best in the voice I couldn't recommend anyone better! Love, Diane Schuur aka Deedles"

Jill Nicklaus

Rock of Ages, 2012 Motion Picture
Chicago (Roxy), Broadway
Movin' Out, Broadway
Cats, Broadway
Fosse, Broadway
Sweet Smell of Success, Broadway
"Deric is the voice teacher of today. He is a master of vocal health and represents a new age in teaching. He not only is concerned with vocal technique, but also cares deeply about your confidence, heart and psychological well being. His studio is a safe and loving learning space. Good bye to the task masters of the past. I have learned to sing in a new way with less tension, more ease and musical artistry. I came to Deric in a bit of vocal trouble and had to go on for the part of Roxie Heart in Chicago on Broadway. He worked with me note by note to bring me to a performance that was glorious, reliable and fun! The ease of singing healthily and efficiently has changed my voice immensely. Because of Deric, I have made the transition from a dancer who sings to a leading lady! He is a lovely person and I applaud him for his patience, care and joy."

Sydney Morton

American Psycho, Broadway
The Sound of Music LIVE! (TV MOVIE)
Motown, Broadway
Evita, Broadway
Memphis, Broadway
Flashdance, First National
Jersey Boys, Chicago
"I had been working on Broadway when I started hearing various fellow cast members mentioning their love of Deric Rosenblatt. I noticed that every student of his had an incredibly healthy, easy, beautiful, and versatile sound; I wanted into his studio! I have only been studying with Deric for a year, but my voice has grown in ways I could have never imagined. Moreover, I have booked MULTIPLE jobs in the past year that I could not have performed before Deric. Our lessons are a highlight in my week; Deric is able to push, encourage, challenge, and refine in a safe and enjoyable environment. He truly has transformed me as a singer!"

Morgan James

Epic Recording Artist
Godspell, Broadway
Wonderland, Broadway
The Addams Family, Broadway
Graduate of The Juilliard School
"I began working with Deric after a long break from studying voice, and I am so glad I did. My work with Deric is consistently therapeutic and rigorous. My voice has never been stronger--his techniques encourage total vocal health, and he has a seemingly endless array of tools which he employs. But more importantly, he is a loving, supportive friend in and out of the studio. He gives with respect, energy and heart, that fuels his singers in every way."

Hannah Elless

Bright Star, Broadway
Godspell, Broadway
Mamma Mia!, National Tour
I like to tease that Deric is my best kept secret in the city, but let's be honest... he is far too excellent at what he does to be kept a secret! Deric is a mastermind, coaxing your voice into a stronger, more flexible instrument with techniques that create freedom and ease! If you take your vocal health seriously, you owe it to yourself to sing with Deric. He is simply, the best.

Frenchie Davis

The Voice, on NBC - Finalist
Rent, Broadway
2009 Grammy Award Nominee!
Ain't Misbehavin', National Tour
"Deric is an amazing voice teacher, as well as being one of the sweetest people i have ever met. Before i met deric, my voice had a rasp to it.....and i had begun to accept that the rasp was just a part of my voice. However shortly after we began training together, i started getting compliments on how clear my voice was sounding! Even while fighting colds, my voice was developing a clarity that just wasn't there before. Today i am hitting notes that i never thought i would be able to reach, and i am working half as hard to get there!"

Lauren Lim Jackson

Motown, Broadway
Memphis, Broadway
Wonderland, Broadway
"I think every dancer knows the dread of walking into an audition room, feeling completely unprepared to sing and scared that they're vocally just not strong enough. Deric has not only taught me a solid technique that has strengthened and improved my singing, but, more importantly, that all the anxiety, insecurity, and wishy washy feelings about my voice are untrue. Basically, Deric is amazing."

Renee Marino

Jersey Boys, Feature Film, Clint Eastwood
Jersey Boys, Broadway
Chaplin, Broadway
Wonderland, Broadway
West Side Story, Broadway
I feel so blessed to be working with Deric, who is not just one of the most SPECIFIC, THOROUGH and PASSIONATE teachers I've ever worked with, but who is an overall BEAUTIFUL human being. He teaches how to use the voice in the most healthy and efficient way, and I always look forward to my lessons with him. I suggest him to anyone who is looking for an INCREDIBLE voice teacher here in NYC!

Angela Robinson

The Color Purple (Shug), Broadway
Wonderful Town, Broadway
Bells Are Ringing (Gwynne), Broadway
Play On!, Broadway
Pajama Game (Brenda), Encores!
"I was doing an industrial show and there was a rock singer in the show. I watched him pace himself in rehearsals and give brilliant performances every show. He never complained about vocal fatigue. I had the pleasure of sitting next to this singer on the flight home. I asked him, how he was able to sing so hard and maintain a healthy voice. He said, DERIC ROSENBLATT, a voice teacher in New York. I met with Deric and he changed my life. Deric is a technician and he helped me to sing all kinds of music in a healthy way. Deric has a relationship with many of the ENTs in NY. He consults with your doctor to be sure you are singing correctly and your cords are healthy. We went back to basics and beyond. I have not been the same since my intense time with Deric. He also plays piano extremely well. You can't go wrong with Deric accompanying you. In addition to all of this, he's great fun. An hour with Deric is fun and hard work. There is a feeling that you can sing anything when the hour is done. I'm a better singer having met and worked with Deric Rosenblatt."

Jill Abramovitz

Cinderella, Broadway
9 to 5, Broadway
Martin Short: Fame Becomes Me, Broadway
"Deric is dreamy. And he's a stalker. No matter what, when or where I'm singining, he's there in my mind pointing at the ceiling and reminding me to make space, or get a better breath, or use more support. I love how results-oriented he is - the tips he gives me throughout our lessons are INSTANTLY usable. Plus, he's a total sweetheart who laughs at my jokes even when they're not funny."

Craig Carnelia

Broadway Composer/Lyricist
and Acclaimed Acting Teacher
"I have recommended Deric Rosenblatt to many of my musical acting students over the past decade, and along with being thanked endlessly by those I've sent to Deric, I've gotten to see them grow immeasurably as singers under his guidance. He is dedicated, patient, upbeat and knowledgeable, and is always working to become even better at what he does, to help you, the singer, be the best you can be."

Kate Wetherhead

Legally Blond, Broadway
25th Annual...Spelling Bee, Broadway
Ordinary Days, Roundabout
"Deric creates a safe and productive working environment, and is always determined to protect yet strengthen the voice. He is simultaneously encouraging and challenging, making you feel completely supported, yet not complacent. He is excellent at locating vocal habits, exploring the what's, how's and why's of them, while ultimately guiding you towards better, stronger technique. I am a better, more nuanced singer for having studied with Deric, and I am grateful to him for the knowledge he provides and the skill he possesses."

Tracy Jai Edwards

Legally Blonde (Serena), Broadway
Hairspray (Amber), Broadway
"Deric really is so loving, caring, and knowledgeable! He has helped my voice and career through the good and the rough times and always knows EXACTLY what to do to keep me in shape and ready! While studying with him, I achieve things that I thought unimaginable! I am so so lucky to have this amazing and super smart man on my side!"

Erin Leigh Peck

The Toxic Avenger, Off Broadway
Dance of the Vampires, Broadway
Grease, Broadway
I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change, Off-Broadway
"Training with Deric has helped me to transition from a young belter to an adult singer with technique and placement. After years of slamming out high notes and throwing my voice around, Deric showed me how to harness energy and range into smooth, vibrant and controlled sound that can be rich and meaningful rather than just loud. Thanks to the technique that Deric taught me, I feel I can effortlessly move between scene and song without sacrificing emotion or intention. A lesson with Deric is a singing actor's dream."

Jen Taylor

The Apple Tree, Broadway
The Drowsy Chaperone, National Tour
"I came to Deric with a very legit singing voice, and he helped me develop a warmer, fuller "mix" sound with more chest resonance. The result was a more contemporary, (yet healthy) sound, much more appropriate for today's music theatre. I had friends and peers begin studying voice with Deric after noticing the improvements in my voice. I also credit Deric with helping me book my first Broadway show! In addition, Deric is one of the most caring, supportive teachers I've ever had. It is very evident that he truly cares about the well-being and success of his students."

Adam Michaelson

Movin' Out (The Piano Man), Broadway
Blindness, Cannes Film Festival
Baby It's You, Pasadena Playhouse
"Deric really changed my life as a singer. In only a few months, he transformed my vocal strength and stamina, and I am more in control of my instrument now than ever before. What is really special about Deric is his ability to translate classical vocal technique to any genre, including pop and rock music, and the way he can adapt his instruction to the practical needs of a student. Deric is not a teacher who yells at you for "not doing it his way". He is a mentor who helps you achieve what you need in as healthy a manner as possible, while remaining sensitive to the specific needs and requirements of each student's career."

Kerli Koiv

Island/Def Jam
World Tour 2010
#1 hit on itunes!
So You Think You Can Dance?
European Border Breakers Award
"Deric is not only the best vocal coach I've ever had, he's also one of my favorite people in the world. Working with him is always fun and that makes getting better really easy. Every time he opens his mouth to demonstrate how something should be sang, I kinda feel like I should never sing again. That's how good he is:) Him being a performer himself makes him understand what his students go through on a day to day basis. Deric is also a great listener and sometimes I just talk for the whole hour while he's trying to get me to sing. Anyway, I love him dearly and can't really see myself working with anyone else after working with him."

Crystal Kellogg

Kinky Boots, National Tour
Pajama Game (Babe), National Tour
I Love A Piano, National Tour
"Deric is FANTASTIC! His precise and specific lessons are catered to each individual and after 4 years of being his student, I've seen dramatic improvements in my performance overall. Not only that, we are always laughing and having a good time. It's like a party and my voice is the guest of honor! What's better than that?? His only goal is to get the best out of you and I'm always surprised at how far I can go...or be pushed :) Deric Rosenblatt, you know your s*@%!"

Holly Davis

Kinky Boots, Broadway
Sister Act!, Broadway
Northshore Music Theater
Papermill Playhouse
Cincinnati Playhouse
"Deric is certainly the most dedicated vocal coach I've ever had. Who but Deric would come to the voice doctor with me to make sure my cords are ok??? Nobody! With Deric my voice continues to grow and strengthen and he keeps me in great vocal shape. Thanks D!"

Sarah Tolar

Recording Artist
I began studying with Deric in preparation for recording my second record and embarking on my first European tour. In the eight months leading up to the tour, Deric helped me to transform my voice to sing with a strong, resonant, and warm tone. For the first time, I was able to control a high belt and access a variety of tones and colors in my range. I am now on tour with a concert every night for 14 consecutive evenings in different cities. I could never have had the stamina and skill to perform my music this well every night if it weren't for Deric. He is an amazing teacher. Thank you Deric for changing my life!

Crystal Hall

Rent, Broadway
"Deric's methods saved my voice, my job and my life. I had just landed on Broadway in a very vocally taxing show, RENT, and I just couldn't get control of my instrument. Deric Taught me how to sing without getting tired, how to support with breath and use my voice properly. I credit him with giving me the technique that sustains me in all my work through tough love and immense expertise. As a singer himself, he really knows what singers go through and is unbelievably sensitive to the nees of the professional singer."

Karmine Alers

On Your Feet, Broadway
Rent (Mimi), Broadway/National Tour
A&M Recording Artist
Regis and Kelly
The Today Show
"Deric's knowledge of the voice and extensive approach to vocal training helped me balance my range, power and diction. He personalized a system to suite my 8 show a week run with RENT. His professionalism and friendship will forever be appreciated.Thanks Deric!"

Lizzie Miller

Super Model, singer/songwriter
Glamour, Rinaldi, Veintitantos, L'uomo Vogue, Lane Bryant
I've been singing all my life and have been through a variety of vocal coaches, but I knew after one lesson with Deric that he was different than all the others. It's always nerve wracking to try a new teacher but his enthusiasm, and kind manner put me at ease from the start. I feel like I learn new things at EVERY lesson, because he talks it out with you and really helps you analyze your vocal strengths and weaknesses. I LOVE going to my lessons because Im excited to see how I'll progress even further but the best part is, he really becomes your friend!

Ayler Young

"When I asked my music producer who I should take a few vocal lessons from, he said without hesitation "you have to call Deric Rosenblatt". After a few short months of working with Deric, I understand why. Deric has a wonderful ability to pinpoint vocal issues, explain why they are less desireable and help you find ways to fix them. Deric has helped me immesily with my songwriting, live stage performances, and overall vocal confidence."

Amber Rees

Hairspray (Penny), National Tour
Gypsy (Louise), Barn Theater
"Deric is honestly one of the best vocal teachers I have ever worked with. He not only works with my technique and the basics of singing, he is completely open to trying new things. He has helped me discover new parts of my voice that I never knew I had. He is not only a teacher, but an amazing friend and I always look forward to working with him!! He brings a fresh new and fun way of learning voice, and I always have so much fun! Through the frustration and the success he always pushes me and the outcome is always so much more than I expect!"

Dana Zihlman Harshaw

Hairspray (Amber), North Shore Music Theatre
Babes In Arms, Goodspeed Opera House
"Deric is a fantastic teacher. After only a few lessons with him I noticed a positive change in my voice, and consequently in my auditions as well. Deric helped me broaden my range, improve my breath control and support, and find a new placement for singing that has been immeasurable to my vocal health and confidence."

Jessie Austrian

The Marriage of Bette and Boo, Roundabout
Jane Eyre, Guthrie
My Fair Lady (Eliza), Virginia Stage Company
"I am a neurotic and nervous singer. Deric has the amazing ability to be extremely technical and picky with me but without making me more neurotic! He gives me concrete technical advice; advice that encourages me to free, trust and let go rather than staying in my head and panicking about singing. I also really value that he makes me listen to the recordings of my lessons and forces me to think critically and discuss what I hear-- this has helped me grow tremendously."

Michael F. McGuirk

Man of La Mancha, Papermill Playhouse
Oliver!, Fulton Opera House
As the World Turns, CBS
"Deric has freed me up vocally where I am now reaching notes that I never dreamed possible. He has enabled me to get rid of the tension that once hindered me from reaching my full potential. The work Deric has done in getting my voice in shape has done wonders for my career and I seriously cannot thank him enough!"

Yassmin Alers

On Your Feet, Broadway
The Rocky Horror Show, Broadway
Rent, Broadway/National Tour
The Ten Commandments, Kodak Theater
"Years of being a part of the Original Broadway company of RENT - 4
Times a week I performed, as a swing/understudy, at any given moment - 5
Finding a teacher who helped me achieve the "raw", "grungy" sound they desired, without destroying my voice - Priceless

There was a "grungy - raw" sound that was desired when I joined the company of RENT. It was cool manipulating my voice at first but after a while it really started to take a toll on me. Luckily, Deric worked with me and found a way for me to deliver the sound they wanted without destroying my pop voice. For that I am forever grateful. There are dozens of piano player/vocal teachers in NYC. Finding someone who is not only an extraordinary talent in his own right (I would sometimes deliberately flub a vocal exercise just to hear Deric demonstrate), but finding a teacher who supports and encourages you as an artist is rare. Those are the unique qualities that sets Deric apart from the rest."

Amy Eschman

Having it Almost, New World Stages, NYC
The Shaggs, Beckett Theatre, NYC
Cabaret (Sally Bowles), Lyric Theater
Little Shop of Horrors (Audrey), Lyric Theater
"When I began studying with Deric, I was pretty devoted to my vocal bag of tricks that had been getting me jobs for years. Having studied with so many different coaches and teachers over time, I had been left with a jumbled mess of techniques and two very distinct voices; my belt and my legit. I was beginning to have difficulty "placing" my voice in song and my auditions were sometimes inconsistent and unnerving, as I was often unsure of the sounds I would produce. After only a few dedicated weeks with Deric, the change in my voice was undeniable. I experienced an increase in range, flexibility and stamina, not to mention more consistent auditions and a rock-solid technique on which I could always depend. As I continued to study, my voice began to streamline and I found a more honest way to sing, allowing me the freedom to truly act a song and live freely in the moment. I often tell people that Deric is like a great mechanic. No matter what make, model or style your voice may be, he can open you up, take a look, and help you fine-tune, adjust and alleviate the issues that keep you from running as smoothly and perfectly as you need to as a professional singer. I highly recommend Deric Rosenblatt and can say, without hesitation, that studying with him improved my sound, allowed me to maintain my individuality and helped me to find my true voice. He is remarkable."

Leigh Ann Cobb

"In the two years I've studied with Deric, I've made tremendous breakthroughs in both my ability and confidence as a singer. Deric hones in on "trouble spots" and gives clear, precise instructions on how to make the correction. I'm often amazed at even the tiniest of deviations that he hears and points out (bad habits I've been getting away with up until studying with him), and the difference it makes when we fine tune these areas. Also, I have tended to put limits on myself as to my vocal capability. Often, I've felt he can read my thoughts when I'm challenged by a song and am holding myself back (vocally, mentally, and emotionally). His support and encouragement has allowed me to step out of my own way in this regard and own the song. Thanks to Deric, I keep discovering what an amazing singer I am."

Tom Stuart

Dracula (Jonathan Harker), La Jolla
Dorian, (Dorian), Goodspeed Opera House
Joseph...Dreamcoat, National Tour
The Fantasticks (Matt), Off Broaday
A Christmas Carol, Madison Square Garden
"My singing improved more in one year studying with Deric than in years with other teachers. Not only does he understand vocal technique better than anyone I've worked with, he is able to communicate it ways that are easy to understand. Deric's experience as a singer and actor himself is invaluable- I'm feel lucky to have him as a teacher, coach and friend."

Erin Lindsey Krom

Disney MGM Studios
New York Musical Theater Festival
"Deric is a fantastic voice teacher. For this reason, I've stuck with him for three years. He is something of a hybrid; not only is he a great voice teacher, he also manages to be a bit of a therapist and friend as well. I never leave a lesson without feeling better about my voice and abilities. I recommend him highly."

Chris Marchant

Sweeney Todd (Toby), National Tour Smoke on the Mountain (Dennis) Cincinatti Playhouse
"Working with Deric over the past two years has been a highly positive experience; it's clear that he loves teaching. He is committed to making me a better performer and is always willing to go the extra mile to help me. He knows what he is talking about, makes sure that I understand his objective for me, and works diligently with me until I complete that objective. I'm a better vocalist because of him."

Chad Coudriet

Les Miserables, Fulton Theater
Wizard of Oz (Tin Man), Carousel
West Side Story (Tony), Lyceum Theater
NY Fringe Festival
"I have been studying voice with Deric for two and a half years. In this time, Deric has helped me figure out, with my voice, what I have been trying to grasp ahold of for years. Through our work, I finally have a singing technique that I feel is as natural as breathing. For the first time, I am completely confident in my technique. Since I started studying with Deric, I have been able to truly connect my singing to my breath support and improve the overall tone of my voice. He has helped me remove any singing through my nose too. My voice has improved greatly, and the sound I produce, now, feels so good and healthy. Deric is so patient with me and will work with me until I get a lesson right. He knows how to push people, to become more confident and better at what they do. He truly cares about each of his students. You can just tell."

Hilary Mann

"I was a recent transplant to New York, had a big audition coming up and in need of a good voice teacher, fast! Lucky for me, I was recommended to Deric and probably within 10 minutes of showing up, I knew I was gonna be back to see him again!! Deric, besides being immensely talented himself, really knows how to bring out the best in his students. I remember Deric telling me the first time I saw him that his goal for me was to have me feeling better about my voice than when I came in, for things to feel easier and healthier--and they do. And every time I am coming to a lesson and another student is finishing up, he or she is always smiling and always in a great mood. For me, Deric has helped to break old habits, "tricks" I was relying on that were keeping me from singing correctly and just holding me back from producing a sound I didn't know I had. And he does it in a way that puts me at ease, so I don't get overwhelmed by all the "logistics" while I am working on a song. Three years and counting, I really do feel lucky to have Deric as a teacher."

Josephine Ancelle

Parisian Singer/Songwriter based in NYC
"Deric Rosenblatt is without a doubt the best teacher I have ever had and I know I am not the only one who believes that! No one has ever made me feel so comfortable as he does and to me that was the key. He made me feel confident and that made my voice so much stronger while making vocal technique easier. Deric gets to know his students very well and remembers everyone's strengths and weaknesses and he never gives up until he gets what he wants. I have sent everyone I know to Deric and he just keeps making new students happy! Oh! and did I mention that I love him?!"

Joshua Rivedal

Thrill Me (Richard Loeb)
Footloose (Willard)
Aida (Radames)
"Deric is an amazingly gifted teacher. He has changed the way I approach singing, and has helped me reach new heights. His ability to hear your strengths and weaknesses and help you work on them is astounding. Thanks Deric!"

Kimberly Peterson

Singer/Songwriter based in San Francisco
"I love my lessons with Deric. I've been taking with him almost every week for about three years, and his coaching is worth every penny. Even though I recently moved to California, I will always find time for a lesson when I'm back in New York. As an instructor, Deric has both great ears and a great education: he can hear vocal issues instantly, and he has the background to understand and communicate these issues to me. From sound production to vocal health to repertoire, Deric is an extremely knowledgeable source in all things singing. Personally, I've crossed over between classical, theater and pop music, and I've found a soulmate in Deric; he is an excellent and extremely well educated teacher in all three genres. Finally, above all, Deric is a friend. He truly wants me to find my path, and be the best singer possible no matter which genre and career I choose."

Diane Davis

Old Aquaintance (Deirdre),Broadway
Festen (Pia), Broadway
Regrets Only, MTC
"Deric is simply the best. He has completely changed the way I sing and the quality of my sound and range. He has taught me how to sing freely, safely and beautifully. He has also expanded the styles I can sing in and the repertoire I can perform. Deric is compassionate, positive and fun. I always enjoy my lessons and it's clear that he loves what he does. he is also completely honest and up-front; there are no gimmicks or shortcuts to his style of teaching, and he won't let you get away with anything less than your best. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a knowledgeable, experience and passionate teacher, who will help you uncover your truest and best sound."

Collin Poole

Princess Cruise Lines
Norgwegian Cruise Lines
Hong Kong, Disney
Six Flags Elitch Gardens
"Deric is AMAZING!! He helped me free up my voice in so many ways and gave me confidence in my work. I have been able to find my versatility too, singing every style and genre. I always feel like I have grown a little after leaving a lesson with him. Thanks Deric!"

Katie Pfrogner

Oz, the Musical (Glinda), Drama’l Productions
"Deric has been, not only, a friend and mentor to me throughout the past 3 years, but also a huge asset in my growth as a vocalist and musical theatre performer. He has helped me to expand my range and flexibility as well as focus on the importance of acting through lyrics and music. I truly believe that without Deric in my extended education in singing here in New York I would not have been as successful and proactive in my search to achieve my dreams."

Mary Guiteras

New Ensemble, Founding Member
Cowboy Poems, Streslin Theater
5 Women Wearing..Dress, Kennedy Theater
Thick Like Piano Legs, Under St. Marks
"Over the last six months of studying with Derric, I have not only improved my vocal power and technique but I've also gained a friend and advisor. Derric is simply terrific. He goes beyond the nuts and bolts of most training and explores the soul of singing. I would highly recommend him to anyone serious about improving their craft."

Isadora Olshansky

Singer/Songwriter based in NYC
"Deric is an exceptionally gifted vocal teacher. He has the ability to push you farther without breaking you down. Instead, he builds you up in a very positive and constructive way. His energy and enthusiasm inspires you to try new things, sing new songs, leave your comfort zone. I leave every lesson more energized than I felt before I walked in, always looking forward to the next time, always looking forward to learning more. Without a doubt, he has helped me improve my technique tremendously; I am now capable of doing things I had not accomplished with any other teacher. He has helped me build my skills and my confidence. Deric is irreplaceable."

Chala Savino

NYC Fringe Festival
Saturday Night Live
All My Children, ABC
As the World Turns, CBS
"When I came to Deric two years I was in pretty bad shape vocally. I had what you would call "Vocal Fungus". I was pushing, I didn't have much technique and I picked up a lot of bad habits from previous voice teachers. Most vocal teachers tend to teach you "vocal tricks" that are not backed up by good breathing and technique. Now, I have a range of notes that I never thought possible and because my technique is stronger, I am more emotionally available to the meaning of my songs. Deric is a wonderful teacher as he is very supportive in your growth as a singer and approaches his teachings in a very positive manner which is what helps a student flourish."

Matthew Trombetta

Managing Artistic Director
for Weathervane Playhouse
"Deric has really shaped my technique, not only as a singer but also as a teacher. I maintain a large vocal studio in Ohio and use many of the techniques Deric teaches with my own students. Using Deric's techniques, their growth has been incredible. As a performer, Deric helped support my classical training with great coaching in a variety of styles. Deric is by far my favorite teacher that I have worked with!"

Ryan Krause

University of South Carolina,
Master's Candidate
"Deric absolutely rules as a voice teacher! Make him yours! That's the number one thing I will definitely say. I've studied with a lot of folks and I can easily say that after one summer of lessons, he is the best I’ve ever had. He cuts straight through the crap, is very articulate without being pretentious, and has a wonderful sense of allowing his students necessary time to learn challenging concepts while at the same time pushing them past their comfort levels. After only a few lessons, Deric was able to help me unlock parts of my voice and body that had been limiting me in the past. This training has positively affected a new range and freedom in my acting work as well. By studying with Deric he will not equip you with a utility belt of "singer tools", but rather enable you to create for yourself a valuable vocal aesthetic."

Sondra Kellogg

"Deric is a diamond in the rough of voice coaches. His technical knowledge is amazing, yet he is so down to earth and encouraging that I am never intimidated by what I don’t know. He helps me raise the bar each and every time I train with him and has a way of teaching that is just so easy to grasp and put to immediate use. He is a perfectionist, and genuinely enjoys helping you improve and reach the highest vocal standards possible. All that and he still finds a way to make his lessons a blast!"

Emily Zuzelski

Boston Pops, Symphony Hall
A Day In Gloucester (w/ Sutton Foster)
"To put it simply, Deric is a BRILLIANT voice teacher! He is incredibly talented, dedicated, and will whip your singing chops into tip top shape faster than you can sing an octave on an "ahh" vowel. Seriously, not to sound like an infomercial but CALL NOW!! I have been studying with him for the past 5 years, and let's just say "I have been changed for good."("For Good"~WICKED by Stephen Schwartz)."

Sara Stevens

Hunter College, Music Major
"In just a few months, Deric has helped me lay the groundwork for things I thought were impossible: better breath control, a fuller sound, and more expressive singing. He is extremely knowledgeable and experienced, and has a great sense of humor! I feel confident that I am in good hands."

Marian Puet

Freshman at Marymount College, NYC
"I first started coming to Deric when I was young and he began to mold and shape my voice into the powerful instrument it is today. Lessons with Deric are nothing short of a joy! We laugh constantly while still building my vocal technique and rehearsing songs that build up my repertoire. Deric has inspired me to work harder than I ever have on my singing and he has taken my raw talent and turned it into something beautiful and technically sound. Anyone who has even one lesson with Deric will see that he can work miracles on even the most underdeveloped voice and he will become not just your favorite voice coach but a great friend as well."

Jennifer Weingarten

Thoroughly Modern Millie (Millie), Allenberry Playhouse
All Shook Up (Miss Sandra), JPAS NOLA)
"Deric finds an amazing balance between being your teacher and being your friend. He has a vibrant knowlege of the anatomy of the body and sound production and knows exactly what words to use to get you understand the process of making it happen. No matter what style you sing in, Deric will make sure that you find a healthy beautiful way sounding the way you want to. He's a goofball who will make you laugh while working you hard and helping you be the best singer you can be."
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